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Unleash your full business potential with AI Mattic — a top-notch AI Automation Agency

‘AI won’t take your job. Someone using AI will.’

Scott Galloway
Professor of Marketing at New York University


AI Mattic provides you with AI and automation full development services.

How It Works

Example steps for preparing the chatbot

> Training

> Knowledge

> Memory

> Actions


We’ll help you to: 1. reduce costs, 2. optimize processes and 3. accelerate growth.


We can empower your business with highly efficient customer support, increasing sales (lead generation), smooth onboarding (product/service or employee), and building easily accessible internal knowledge base.  We combine Artificial Intelligence and Automation in all our services.

AI Communication

  • Language synthesis
  • Optimizing language models
  • AI chatbot development
  • Knowledge base development
  • AI training
  • AI tuning


  • Software integrations
  • Workflow automation
  • Pipeline automation
  • Dashboards creation
  • Key Performance Indicators


  • Data scraping
  • Data mining
  • Data monitoring
  • Data flows
  • Data integrations
  • Data visualisation
  • Data & Sentiment analysis

AI Content

  • AI research
  • AI copywriting
  • AI image creation
  • AI optimization for SEO
  • AI summaries
  • AI text enrichment & rewriting
  • Automated publishing


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AI Mattic is based in Auckland, New Zealand